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Why Can Not I Swallow Tablets: Recognizing the Difficulties and Solutions

Ingesting pills is an usual as well as relatively straightforward job for many people. However, there are individuals who battle with tablet swallowing, experiencing discomfort, stress and anxiety, or even trouble in taking medicines or supplements. If you locate yourself wondering, “Why can not I cardioton food supplement price in nigeria ingest tablets?” you are not alone. In this write-up, we will check out the reasons behind this problem and also offer prospective solutions to assist make pill ingesting a more manageable experience.

Understanding the Anatomy of Swallowing

Swallowing a tablet entails an intricate procedure that requires the sychronisation of numerous muscle mass as well as frameworks in the throat and also esophagus. Right here’s a standard failure of the ingesting procedure:

  • Stage 1: Oral Phase: The tablet is positioned on the tongue, and also the tongue pushes it to the back of the mouth.
  • Stage 2: Pharyngeal Stage: The tablet activates the swallowing response, causing the soft taste to rise, blocking the nasal flow. The epiglottis, a cartilage flap, covers the windpipe to stop the pill from getting in the airway.
  • Stage 3: Esophageal Phase: The tablet moves down the esophagus, pushed by contraction called urotrin peristalsis, till it gets to the stomach.

While this process might seem uncomplicated for many, it can end up being challenging for those who have problem with tablet ingesting.

Possible Sources Of Trouble Ingesting Pills

There are numerous reasons some people discover it tough to swallow pills. These include:

1. Worry as well as Stress and anxiety: Anxiety of choking or the sensation of gagging can produce stress and anxiety around swallowing pills. This mental barrier can make the process seem more tough than it actually is.

2. Pill Shapes And Size: Some tablets are bigger or have an irregular form, making them more difficult to ingest. The size and shape of a pill can additionally impact how it feels in the mouth, contributing to discomfort or difficulty.

3. Dry Mouth: Insufficient saliva production can make it harder for a tablet to relocate smoothly down the throat. Dry mouth can be an outcome of various elements such as drugs, particular medical conditions, or dehydration.

4. Swallowing Disorders: Certain clinical conditions, such as dysphagia (difficulty ingesting), can affect the muscle mass and nerves associated with swallowing, making tablet ingesting difficult.

5. Adverse Past Experiences: A previous bad experience with pill swallowing, such as choking or gagging, can create a psychological hostility to swallowing tablets, even more exacerbating the difficulty.

Getting rid of the Difficulties: Tips and Techniques

While struggling with pill swallowing can be discouraging, there are numerous methods and approaches that can help make the procedure easier as well as more workable. Below are some tips to think about:

  • 1. Start Small: If you have problem swallowing bigger pills, start with smaller alternatives, such as small tablet computers or pills. This can aid build self-confidence and gradually adapt your throat muscle mass to the sensation of ingesting pills.
  • 2. Tablet Cutting: If a tablet is too large to ingest comfortably, consult your healthcare provider to see if it’s secure to cut it in half or crush it. Nonetheless, it is important to note that not all pills can be reduced or squashed, as it might influence their effectiveness.
  • 3. Tablet Ingesting Methods: Trying out different ingesting strategies, such as the pop-bottle or lean-forward technique. These methods entail changing your head position or using a drink to help with swallowing.
  • 4. Tablet Coating: Some people find it handy to coat tablets with a slim layer of an unsafe substance, such as food-grade lube or gel, to make them easier to ingest.
  • 5. Practice Leisure Techniques: Managing anxiousness and also fear connected with pill swallowing can be advantageous. Deep breathing workouts, mindfulness, or seeking professional assistance from a therapist can assist alleviate stress and anxiety signs and symptoms.
  • 6. Usage Tablet Swallowing Help: Pill ingesting help, such as specialized cups or tablet ingest gel cups, can aid ready the tablet for simpler swallowing.
  • 7. Look For Professional Guidance: If you continue to battle with tablet ingesting despite attempting numerous strategies, it is suggested to seek advice from a health care professional or a speech-language pathologist for additional examination as well as guidance.


Swallowing pills need to not be a distressing or challenging experience. By recognizing the prospective factors behind difficulty ingesting pills and also carrying out the tips and methods pointed out, you can improve your capability to take essential medications or supplements without unneeded pain or stress and anxiety. Bear in mind, it’s important to reach out to healthcare experts for individualized advice and also assistance if the issue persists.

Please note: The info offered in this article is for informative functions just and also should not be taken into consideration as medical advice. Constantly speak with a medical care professional or doctor regarding any type of details concerns or concerns you may have.

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